VINK Waste & Water Treatment (Trading as VINK WASTE) was established in 2014, specialised in waste recycling and solid Waste Management, however over the years we have diversified into helping desperate person out of a life of street because we believe that we are called to assist people on the road to rehabilitate them, whatever their situation or addiction may be. Our main aim is to see that people are welcomed into a caring fellowship of believers, and become vibrant followers of Christ. A life where the un-employable, the employable and the empowered learn together how to co-operate in living free and industrious lives, and where they are being called to become disciples of Jesus.
Our recycling project are job creation programmes for people who are not yet able to act productively and responsibly. These projects help desperate and destitute individuals to earn cash in hand, by means of honest and hard work, as an alternative to aggressive begging, theft or other criminal activities. Important life skills are learnt and put into practice. While areas are cleared of rubbish and other undesirable objects, undesirable issues and circumstances are also purged from the streets, from people’s lives and from the community.
VINK was established in accordance with the provisions enshrined in the plastic and rubber engineering Act, Cap 12 of 2000. The organisation is registered under the company Act of 2008 and it is wholly owned by private sectors.
We strive to continue to research and develop products which are traditionally imported in all spheres within industry. Recently a sister company has been established in Zambia, where we continue reducing the waste which goes to landfill as we reduce the people who stays in the street through waste recycling programmes.
Through our hard work, we thrust to gain blue chip status with highest regards to quality, honesty, vigilance, integrity and client satisfaction, within sub-Sahara and Africa.