Shifts as Opportunities arises

Shifts as Opportunities arises

Understanding our Partnership we are not to be understood as “job creation” activities but rather as a variety of job habilitation/rehabilitation programmes for persons who do not yet qualify or are not yet able to act productively and responsibly on their own. We help desperate persons (often even destitute) to obtain “cash in hand” by means of ‘honest work’ in a supervised team, as an alternative to aggressive begging or criminal activities. As persons participate in these activities, they are coached in the basic principles and ethics of honest hard work as a source of financial income. They are also encouraged to become disciples of Jesus and join a disciple group (which is, however, in no way compulsory). You can be a partner in this endeavour by getting our teams to contribute towards the manual labour you need done. You sponsor the cost involved. In this way all partners get their needs met in a prudent way:

We needs manual labour opportunities where willing participants can be coached in the principles of Life. Participants need cash in hand to survive and an opportunity to improve their lives. You need manual labour for your project or business. Everything adds up to an industrious community. What you must appreciate about the partnership is that it is more than just a business deal. You also participate and invest in the rehabilitation of our community: You contribute to the long term fruit of the endeavour by ‘paying the price’ it costs where one or two less-than-trained-and-killed persons may still be learning what it takes to become so. But once they have, we all reap the cumulating ‘dividends’

Understanding WHAT WE OFFERS: LABOUR (and how it works) For the sake of effective units of learning opportunity, labour comes in 4 hour shifts. (Longer shifts generally open up too much opportunity for failure. Where coaching is the concern, providing situations for success is crucial). Special arrangements can never the less be made for an 8 hour service, as an exception. Through our unique system, the labour you request can be guaranteed but not the presence of particular individuals in the teams - whom you, therefore, cannot request. As a responsible partner in the endeavour, you will have to decide on the level and type of investment you are willing to make: Firstly, you invest in providing the associated learning opportunity. You also invest your own (supervisory) time or you hire it.

You do so by choosing between the following alternatives (per 4-hour shift):

One worker (responsible and self-motivated.) Recommended, if you require only one @ R90 One worker (whom you must closely supervise) We call such a worker a 1st Teamer@ R80 Two workers (one a responsible ‘foreman’, one being coached). Recommended @ R90 + R75 Two workers (whom you must closely supervise) @ R75 + R75 Any number of workers (all needing close supervision) @ R75 per worker A ‘peace of mind’ Team (one ‘foreman’ plus a number of workers.) Recommended @ R90 + R75 per worker Fit and strong enough workers for strenuous labour. (A limited number available) @ R80 per worker

The agreement will be that any worker performing unacceptably on site will be replaced on the spot. (This is part of Life procedure and necessary when the situation arises.)

What you pay: The quoted cost per worker, the cost of any materials that we agrees to supply, plus a 25% ‘administration fee’ on all these costs. How you pay: Unless you have credit arrangements with us, you pay in advance in cash when you collect the teams from our Depot, or in advance by EFT before the team is dispatched. Please Note: We do not provide transport. Special arrangements of various kind are possible but must be clearly agreed and arranged. For more information, contact our Operations Office