Environment and safety

Environment and safety

The garbage are resources but put on the wrong place, and it’s a huge problem troubled countries all over the world. Nowadays, the peak of South Africa’s urbanization makes processing of municipal solid waste more seriously. City is ours. In other words, the city’s health relies on ours maintaining.

Firstly, waste occupies surface of ground. It occupies precious land resource and human beings living space. And make bad effect on the development of industry and agriculture. A large number of garbage destroy vegetation on the surface of the Earth. This is not only influences the beauty of our natural environment but also destroys the ecological balance of nature;

Secondly, waste pollutes the environment. Solid waste contains all sorts of poisonous substances. If not handled properly, it can direct pollute soil, air and water resources. Ultimately, it causes seriously damage to various creatures, including humans;

Thirdly, garbage spreading diseases. Garbage contains a lot of microorganisms. It is the habitat of bacteria, viruses, insects, etc and brings seriously endangers to human health;

Fourthly, leachate of garbage can change soil composition and structure. Hazardous waste harms human health through food chain. Waste destroys soil structure and physico-chemical properties, and decreases the soil fertility and water retention ability. Waste contains heavy and poisonous metals such as pathogenic microorganisms and organic pollutants. Under the rain, these poisons will be brought into water body. Polluted water will be harmful to the survival of aquatic organisms and the opening of water resources;

In major cities and county-level cities, with the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s standard of living, solid waste has been keeping sustainable growth, and the composition of solid waste has taken place great changes. Bio-organic municipal waste is more than 40%. Recycling of resource materials has reached about 40%, just like paper, plastic, glass, metal, and so on. Landfill is harmful to urbanite water and air, even lead to secondary pollution. In order to keep adaptation of municipal solid waste incinerator, bio-treatment, and sanitary landfill, therefore, our company develops a set of solid waste projects, which improves the treatment of garbage disposal in city of cape town. It is helpful to waste treatment. Waste will be made into nutritional soil as fertilizers for plants and trees. Sorted out plastic will be reused to make plastic granules. Paper will be reused to make pulp and make paper; Glass and iron will be reused, too. This technology will not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also be recycled. So that garbage is really a treasure. It is national