Waste Reimagined

What if waste were a resource?


VINK WASTE answers this question every day in innovative, creative and sustainable ways. Watch the story unfold in the videos below

How much do we throw away?


Did you know, the average Africa creates more than 4.4 pounds of trash, also called municipal solid waste (MSW), per day? That translates into 1 ton of MSW per person annually.

Across the Sothern Africa , much of that waste is sent to landfills (54% according to the  Environmental Protection Agency).

But in cape town , Vink aim diverts most MSW from the landfill (96% - 98% each year). Instead, we aim to transform waste into a resource for making great things happen in our community.Because we believe waste is valuable, powerful, and provides opportunities for beautiful and creative things. More importantly, we understand that waste connects us.


What happens after something is thrown away?

Well, it never really goes "away." It must go somewhere. At VINK WASTE, it’s our job to manage the waste in a way that protects and benefits our community.

In Cape Town, VINK WASTE manages the waste through our nationally recognized and award-winning Integrated System that not only reduces landfill use, but also empowers our community.

In fact, we empower 100 to 300 homeless people with trash clean up!